Meet Mike Kerrison

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Trainer

Welcome! I’m Mike Kerrison


My friends all tease me … “when ya gonna give it up, Mike”? My answer is always the same … Never! In fact, I quickly flunked early retirement in 1999 after selling my third company. I missed being in the game. After my book, Landing On Your Feet was published in 2003 I began a speaking career, followed by a consulting career which led to the creation of the Breakaway Performance Schools.  Why do I do this? Because it’s needed and I love the business world.  For me it is lifeblood. Helping people to build the business of their dreams and to get the life they want provides me with a deep sense of purpose.

So, if I were you trying to decide whether to invest in the Breakaway Schools or the Breakaway Sales Tribe here’s what I’d want to know.  Is Mike qualified?  Does he have the experience and the credentials to truly help me?  You be the judge.

  • I was the IBM Sales Rookie of the Year – 1975
  • I received at IBM – Five hundred % clubs and three golden circles in five years.
  • At IBM – I led the nation in new accounts – 1977
  • I was placed on the IBM Executive Resource List – 1978
  • I started my first technology company, Computer Options, Inc. (COI) in 1980
  • COI made the INC. 500, the nation’s fastest growing companies reaching $ 25 million in 1985
  • COI reaches $ 65 million in sales – 1996
  • I started my second technology company, Maintenance Innovators (MII) – 1984
  • MII was ranked the largest third party computer maintenance company in Minnesota – 1987
  • I started my third company North Central Consulting (NCC) – 1993
  • NCC recognized by The Business Journal Magazine as the second fastest growing company in Minnesota – 1997
  • I sold all three of my companies to large international public firms which created several millionaires.
  • I flunked early retirement and started Endurance America, my management consulting firm in 2001.
  • Through Endurance America I have trained over 10,000 sales reps and conducted over 150 strategic planning sessions with companies like General Mills, BCBS, Ameriprise, as well as many start-ups.
  • I am a nationally recognized expert in sales training and strategic planning.
  • I have authored and published two books – Landing On Your Feet, 2003 and Breakaway Sales, 2016
  • My third book, Breakaway Strategy will be released in 2017
  • I am a technology expert – Software, Managed IT Services, Copiers, and Machine Tools
  • My Breakaway Performance Programs have reached over 400,000 people.
  • I am a nationally acclaimed keynote speaker having delivered over 500 speeches.
  • I started my fourth company, Mike Kerrison International, in 2015.
  • Mike Kerrison International launched its online Breakaway Performance Schools in 2016.
  • I still deliver over fifty field engagements per year with my clients.
  • I am happily married with four children and six grand-children.
  • I make my home in Minnesota.

 Oh, by the way …


  • I love British Sports Cars
  • I am a golf freak – about sixty rounds every summer
  • My four kids have produced six grandchildren
  • I love the new Pope … I think he is a great leader
  • I cry at movies, although I try to hide it
  • I love to write but never have enough time
  • I love to speak especially to sale teams
  • I was born on Pearl Harbor Day … well, not the actual day
  • And, I am married to my best friend … Andrea … who hung the moon!