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Today’s Lesson

A pro is good at what they do and they know why they’re good. They have the ability to critique their own performance.  And, they are always getting better.  Because if you stop getting better you stop being good.

In sales we have all heard the phrase from our boss, “well that was a great year you had … so what have you done for me lately.”  We can’t rest on our laurels.  We gotta keep moving, learning, growing.  And by the way there is always somebody who knows how to do something better than you.  Get close enough to watch what they do.  That puts you in the school room.

Then just do what you did when you were first learning how to learn … when your personal growth was the fastest it’s ever been.  Study the other person’s technique.  Enroll in Breakaway Sales School.  Do something to move the ball.  Mimic those moves.  Make more attempts, more tryouts.

Once again – fail fast, learn fast, grow fast!

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