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Today’s Lesson

For every minute spent developing your sale territory plan you will save sixty minutes in execution of that plan.  You are the CEO of your territory. That’s where you make your living every single day.  You must know every nook and cranny of that territory.  Then build a plan around achieving 200 % of quota.  That way if you miss 200 %, you’ll hit 100 % every time.  But, not without a plan.    

A sales rep must learn to master the “nuts and bolts” of running a territory while maximizing your personal productivity.  Time is the sales reps number one natural resource, and the only resource that is not renewable.  A solid workflow planning system will provide you with up to two additional hours of productivity in your business day.  We need to get you off the internet and email systems and back in front of prospects. You must  learn how to create a 200 % plan – a focused strategy designed to double your sales performance.  These two skills are mandatory for the breakaway performer.

Quickly, double your quota, spread it across four quarters, reverse engineer the numbers and find out how many prospects and closes must happen to hit 200 %. I teach these skills in my training.  Its easy to build the plan, but requires precise execution in order to achieve 200 %.  I see it happen all the time.