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Today’s Lesson

Every sales call must follow the Structured Sales Cycle … no exceptions.  Begin with a great opening, make an impact, ask great questions, listen to the answers, summarize what you heard, seek agreement, present your solution, coach the prospect, trial close, wait for the objections, manage your tension, handle the objections with a different point of view, and move gracefully to the close.

The structure supports everything that you will ever need in order to prepare for a sales call, make a sales call, and later critique the call you made.  The structure is not a sales process, or the sales stages, but rather what actually happens between you and the prospect in the call.  We’ll get to the sales process later.  But, the call is what matters most.  The call gets the deal done – not the process.  The sales call is where the skills need to live.  Not in the stages.   To make a

successful sales call, you must always know where you are in the cycle and you must obey the rules of the structure without appearing canned or rehearsed, but rather authentic and polished.  First, you must memorize the structure and understand its sequence, individual parts, and purpose. Every call you make must be rehearsed within the structure which prepares you to bend and shape the message of your call to meet the objective of any selling situation.  You own the structure.  The structure doesn’t own you.  It’s a tool.  Nothing more.