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Today’s Lesson

When you listen to truly understand someone even when they don’t agree with you, you have so much more to work with in the sales call.  Listening is the highest form of empathy.  You show the prospect that you can see things from their point of view.  That is what the summary is for.  Now you’ve earned the right to offer a different point of view.  Now they’re ready to listen to you.  That is how you handle objections … listen to truly understand.

The other half of questioning is listening and that is why we must prepare our questions in advance of the call. If we do not prepare, we become so wrapped up in asking the right question that we fail to listen to the answer. That’s why we have two ears and one mouth.  Most of us do not listen to understand.  We listen to formulate our arguments and defenses.  Empathetic listening is hard work.  It means I really want to know where you are coming from.  I’m trying to understand why you have that point of view.  And when I can accurately recite back to you what I heard you say; now we are really together.  There is trust forming.  Now you can offer your point of view because you have earned the right.