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Today’s Lesson

The Aggressive Buyer wants the facts.  So offer your opinion only when they ask.  They are very decisive and they like to be in control.  They are usually in tell mode and task mode.  They want results.  Guide them and they will buy.  Do not try to take control of the reins.  Instead, ask great questions and they will talk themselves into their own decision.  The order will follow.

Aggressive buyers want facts; they make their own decisions.  Therefore, a salesperson should provide options for Aggressor’s and let them choose. The salesperson should also let them talk. Aggressor’s talk themselves into things. This is how they process information, by grinding through it quickly. Let them be in charge of this process. This is what they need. Eventually they will buy. You don’t have to push an Aggressive. Once he sees the solution, he’ll move quickly. He will act because he sees no risk, only reward.