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Today’s Lesson

The Analytical Buyer also wants facts.  But more important they want proof.  They will take forever to process information so they can be crystal clear of the outcome of their decision.  Provide them with support and don’t push the Analytical.  Do your homework.  Present thorough proposals.  And, while they want facts they also want to hear how others are doing things.  So provide opinions and share intelligent stories.  That’s what they need in order to make an informed decision.

The Analytical also needs facts. Since they are skeptics by nature, you must show them proof. A typical question from an Analytical might sound something like, “How do I know this will work?” The best way to prove something to Analytical buyers is to take them to a customer site. The reference sell is perfect for them. They must see it to believe it.  They want to step back and think about it for a day or so, only to come back with more questions.  They will take whatever time they need, and they will not be pushed. If you push, you will lose them. So be patient. Wait for them. They will get there.