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Today’s Lesson

The Emotive Buyer, when offered a fair product at a fair price, will buy from people they like.  They enjoy the relationship.  But, they will be all over the map in the call and you won’t get anything done.  You’ll have fun, but you won’t have a new customer.  So rein them in with the summary.  Get them back on point.  Like this; “OK Mr. Prospect let me see if I can summarize where we’re at so far …”. That’s how you get the call moving again. 

Emotive buyers buy from people they like. If they don’t like you, or more importantly, if they don’t trust you, they will never buy from you. In fact, they’ll buy an inferior product from an inferior company strictly on the basis of the relationship. Like Aggressors, they like to talk; so let them. But occasionally they need prodding to keep on track because they don’t see the world as a bunch of tasks like the Aggressive or the Analytical. After they are comfortable with you, they will get down to business. Since they are decision makers and unafraid of risk, they will respond well to a good summary and trial close. If you are buddies, you will get the deal. Lastly, keep a healthy supply of perks around. Ball game or theater tickets, golf trips, and the like certainly can’t hurt when it comes to Emotive Buyers.