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Today’s Lesson

The Harmonious Buyer is a tricky one.  They might not like you, but you will never know it.  They will only decide when they see total alignment and commitment from the team.  They believe if the team and the relationships are solid then the decision can be made and the work will get done.  Short of that … they will slow everything down.

Harmonious buyers need reassurance to help support their decision. A trial close to a Harmonious buyer might sound something like, “Boy, I don’t know. I’m going to have to think about this.” The more references you can provide the better. They need you to spell it out, to draw pictures and like Emotives, Harmonious buyers, need to see it to believe it. They are not decisive, so give them time and keep giving them strokes. They are afraid of risk and usually not very confident in their decisions. So when you get the order, reassure a Harmonious buyer once more and get out of the office fast because buyer’s remorse is just around the corner for them.