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Today’s Lesson

Product knowledge is critically important.  But it’s not enough.  You need people knowledge if you want to be a Breakaway Sales Performer.  That’s the front wheel and the back wheel of the bicycle.  Too many sales reps are riding a unicycle.

The sales presentation links your product or service with the prospect’s pain. And they must be inextricably linked. You are not providing just any old solution; you’re providing the solution, creating a marked advantage over your competition. Define your products and services carefully. Tie the solutions to the critical concerns. Demonstrate whatever you can: revenue growth, savings, productivity, and quality. Look for the customer’s reaction. Check in with him, ask him what he thinks, “Are we still on the same page?”

Product knowledge is paramount in the sales presentation. You must shine at this point. You are becoming the trusted business adviser. Not only will he be evaluating your products, he will be evaluating you. The customer will be thinking; does he know what he’s talking about? Can I trust him? Will his company stand behind him? Where am I exposed? Will he deliver? That’s why the back wheel is so important.