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Today’s Lesson

When an objection arises, suspend your judgement, listen to understand, restate what you heard, affirm and clarify with the client, and then offer a different point of view.  This is the time in the call that you must manage your tension.  Stay very aware and deal with the issue.  Be patient and empathetic.  You are almost ready for the close.  

The idea is to first understand the objection which requires that you ask more questions,  That is how you affirm and clarify.  Its a cycle within a cycle.  Once you understand the objection, you summarize which clarifies, present a solution to that objection (POV), trial close to see which way the wind is blowing, and go to the close.

Many times the mind fills in the blanks when we hear an objection.  We make stuff up!  And we begin addressing an issue that might not even exist.  Your confused, the prospect is confused, and you can lose control of the call.  Manage your tension, listen to understand, clarify the objection with questions, present an idea to resolve the objection, ask them if that works for them, and wrap up the call.