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Today’s Lesson

You can’t fail, you can only learn and grow.  Brush off the bad sales call.  It’s over!  Instead… Fail Fast, Learn Fast, and Grow Fast!

Who hasn’t failed … c’mon we all have.  And, we will continue to.  But, failure is our true teacher in life.  That is why the gift of hindsight is so important, particularly to a sales professional.  You must look back and critique your own performance.  What did I do, or not do, that provided the outcome that I got … for any sales call situation?  In other words, don’t be so surprised when things work well or when they don’t.

I often hear people say to me things like, “we should have won that game,” or “that should have never have happened,” or “we should have gotten that deal,” or “she should have known better”.  My answer to you is this … WRONG!  Stop “shoulding” on everybody.  When something happens that’s because it should have happened.  All the elements that allowed it to happen in the first place, were present.  So, yes, it should have happened.

If you want a different outcome then look back at what happened, critique your performance, what can I do differently if I’m not happy about the outcome.  And then, change something.