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I’m Mike Kerrison, and I build Breakaway Sales Performers.

My friends all tease me … “when ya gonna give it up, Mike”? My answer is always the same … Never! In fact, I quickly flunked early retirement in 1999 after selling my third company. I missed being in the game. After my book, Landing On Your Feet was published in 2003 I began a speaking career, followed by a consulting career which led to the creation of the Breakaway Performance Schools. Why do I do this? Because it’s needed and I love the business world. For me it is lifeblood. Helping people to build the business of their dreams and to get the life they want provides me with a deep sense of purpose.

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IBM Sales Rookie of the Year

Tech Companies Built & Sold

“It’s not just about believing in the product you sell. It’s about believing in yourself.”

Breakaway Performance

I specialize in helping technology, manufacturing, managed services and copier & printer companies develop better strategy, create high performance sales professionals, and skilled sales managers with powerful, innovative, empowering training and sustainability platforms.

I’ve spent my career helping organizations like yours develop high performance, Breakaway sales strategies. My innovative solutions, down-to-earth delivery and field-tested, results-driven methodologies help thousands of sales reps across different industries around the country get more from their careers and their lives. I’d love to talk about your company and how I can contribute to your success.

  • 3x Successful Business Owner
  • Nationally Recognized Sales and Strategy Expert
  • Software, Managed IT Service, Copiers & Machine Tools Sales Expert
  • Over 50 Field Engagements per Year

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