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I’m Mike Kerrison, and I build Breakaway Sales Performers.

I’ve spent my career helping salespeople like you develop high performance, Breakaway sales skills. My innovative solutions, down-to-earth delivery and field-tested, results-driven methodologies help thousands of sales reps across different industries around the country build better careers and better lives. Truly transformative sales teams and organizations enlist me for powerful multi-day, intensive sales trainings that consistently turn reps of all kinds into Breakaway Sales Performers.

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IBM Sales Rookie of the Year

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“It’s not just about believing in the product you sell. It’s about believing in yourself.”

Breakaway Performance

I specialize in helping technology, manufacturing, managed services and copier & printer companies develop better strategy, create high performance sales professionals, and skilled sales managers with powerful, innovative, empowering training and sustainability platforms.

  • 3x Successful Business Owner
  • Nationally Recognized Sales and Strategy Expert
  • Software, Managed IT Service, Copiers & Machine Tools Sales Expert
  • Over 50 Field Engagements per Year
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