Understanding Business Processes: Ideal Milk Bucket Company

Learn Applications and Business Processes

Step 4. The “Ideal Milk Bucket Company”

The Ideal Milk Bucket Company is a fictitious company that was created so in a classroom environment we can pin a sales rep to every conceivable business process that they must know and master and how to apply and sell their solution. The sales team must understand business processes and corporate workflows associated with their product and services. They must know how to interpret benefit and convert their offering into a tangible ROI. Without these skills they cannot conduct a trustworthy and professional conversation with a prospect. They will not be able to formulate the right questions let alone understand the answers and they’ll rarely be able to overcome objections. In short, for them to become an expert, they must know how the business really functions and operates and where their solution fits.

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Develop Understanding

The sales forces will have a vivid understanding of all order to cash business process cycles covering distribution, manufacturing, order processing, invoicing, financials, shop floor control, routing, scheduling, bills of material requirements, capacity planning, logistics, materials handling, purchasing and payables, IT, CRM, Document Management, Management Reporting, and much more. We will metaphorically pin them to every process transaction within the IMBC providing a deep understanding of these business process workflows.

Understand Their Impact

The rep will be able to pinpoint exactly where their application shows up in the process, the effect it has, how to manage outcomes, and where the typical bottlenecks and consequences that show in a workflow process.

Learn Problem-Solving

Reps will understand how to solve workflow issues and bottlenecks using a cadre of services, and software and hardware which will drive revenue and solve a problem for the customer.

Understand Processes

Sales reps will understand the five-stage sales process for a solution-based sale, who needs to be involved in each stage, roles and responsibilities of pre and post-sales support, how to build speed into the sales process, and how to shape the strategy/proposal to win.

Demonstrate ROI

They will be able to demonstrate ROIusing these solutions and how to calculate pay back scenarios for the customer.



Develop Insights

They will understand what questions to ask and how to coach the prospect when going through the discovery phase of the sales process.

Understand Others

They will understand the needs of a CEO, CFO, COO, VP Manufacturing, VP Service, VP Sales, and Office Manager.

Better Communications

Opening Impact Statements will be provided and interpreted along with FIND questions and the standard objections and how to overcome them.

Templates & Tools

A proposal template will be provided that creates clarity of purpose, statement of applicability, scope definition, specific offerings, pricing, and ROI. The client existing boilerplate will be incorporated into this process as needed.

Role Playing

The rep will use Client based call scenarios for role play practice using the Structure Sales Cycle. The rep will experience and practice a complete five stage cycle using a gauntlet style role play approach.

Comprehensive Workbook

A comprehensive workbook with examples, glossary of terms, and sample proposal templates will be provided.
I’m ready when you are. Let’s explore the Ideal Milk Bucket Company to better develop your reps.
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