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Nick Lioci
The Lioce Group
Jeff Halbur
Director of Sales
Minnesota State University
Jay Skinner
Sales Director
Jana Noonan
Professional Photographer
Don Phillips
RK Dixon
Todd Kip
Account Executive
Pat Brogan
Division Manager, Pure Water Technologies
Tim Allen
Liz Chrzan
Major Accounts Sales Professional
Advanced Imaging
Jeff Larson
VP of Sales
Project Consulting Group
As I mentioned at our kickoff meeting, you have a big piece of our success. I appreciate what you have done from both a strategic planning and sales productivity perspective. Your programs work and we are grateful. Thanks for your friendship and it is wonderful to have someone with your many talents to rely on. We have a bright future.
Roger King

President, EO Johnson Business Technologies

Mike Kerrison is a rarity. Midwest charisma with a sharp business mind blends to drive real business results. When working with executives, he has the unique ability to quickly find order amidst many moving parts; and correctly distills concepts from seemingly random thoughts. His book, Landing On Your Feet, is chock full of business wisdom. His passion and courage shine through in his book. He has humility to share his mistakes, so others won’t. He is one of a kind!
John Hogg

President, Straightforward Consulting

Breakaway Performance University is Groundbreaking, powerful, inspirational! If you are starting or building a business you need Mike’s unflinching honesty, extraordinary sales expertise, and critical business council. I devoured his book. Snag him quick.
Richard Cathcart

President/COO, Pentair Inc.

As a fairly new sales manager I needed a foundation … a plan.  Mike and the Breakaway Sales Model provided everything I needed to help build my sales organization.  His training is the best I have ever experienced.  My sales force continues to prosper using his Structured Sales Cycle.
Bill Berg

Sales Manager, The Lioce Group

I knew there was something different about the Breakaway Sales Program … different than ones I have used in the past.  I have been selling my entire career.  During that time, I have attended several sales training programs.  In my thirty five years I have never encountered a program that was more professional, more comprehensive, and more applicable to today’s challenges than what Mike Kerrison has delivered to us these past years.
Bryan Dixon

CEO, RK Dixon

As a past business client and friend of Mike’s, I can tell you that his corporate and personal journey gets to the heart of what counts in business and in life.  Above all he is a preeminent salesman and executive trainer.
Chris Cathers

Director of Business Development, Secure Digital Solutions

Solution Selling is a different animal.  You need to have what Mike calls a strong back wheel.  His model adapts perfectly to complex selling situations.  After all, he came from the technology world which is always complex.  Breakaway Sales makes the complex … simple!
Dan Rickert

Director of Solution Sales, EO Johnson Business Technologies

Mike Kerrison gave us a new language to use.  Our team has pulled together and we now make decisions with strength and velocity.  His Breakaway Executive Programs work and I would deem it mandatory for all executive teams.
Denise McKenna

VP, Health Plan Administration, Kaiser Permanente

Building the Breakaway Sales Performer is far and away the best and most productive training program I’ve been through in my fifteen years in selling. This program keeps on giving.
Dawn Reints

Straightforward Consulting

One of the big reasons I took the job at Micro Group was because I would get to work with Mike Kerrison.  I knew I would learn a ton from this guy.  I have used all of his tools and have become the top sales rep for my company.  I could not have done it without him.
Eric Santucci

Regional Sales Director, East and International at MicroGroup

I wasn’t sure Mike could adapt his Breakaway Sales Program to our industry…real estate is very different.  Boy was I wrong.  We doubled our listings in two years.  His model will work for any company.
Greg Gray

Broker-Owner, Lakes Area Realty

Mike Kerrison is pure inspiration to anyone he works with.  He understands how to reshape your thinking so you can be free to reach your fullest potential.  I have watched him work miracles with executive teams.
Jane Malin

Executive Consultant, Bridge Consulting

This Breakaway Sales Program will make me a far better salesman.  I have learned more from Mike than I have learned in ten years of selling.  The Effective Personal Management System alone has been completely freeing.  Kerrison and the way he delivers cannot be matched.
Jeff Kuni

Sales Director, TotalPrint

Mike Kerrison gave us a new language to use.  Our team has pulled together and we now make decisions with strength and velocity.  His Breakaway Executive Programs work and I would deem it mandatory for all executive teams.
Jerry Filler

SVP, Technology Infrastructure, Ameriprise Financial

Mike brings the best combination of sales and strategy excellence to the table than anything else that I have seen out there.  And, he challenges you.  He holds you accountable to be your best self.
Kris Kilgard

Director of Sales - Managed IT and Security Services, EO Johnson Business Technologies

Mike is an authentic leader and brings his knowledge to you in a way that you can learn and apply.  Everything he teaches comes from his own firsthand experience.  Above all, his programs get results.  I personally enjoy and benefit from every encounter we have together.
Kurt Nelson

President, The Lantern Group

Mike was my mentor.  He provided all the tools I needed to start, build, and eventually sell a successful IT Consulting Company.  I could have never accomplished this level of success without his early involvement in my career.
Marc Strazzanti

Technology Executive, QBS Datacom

We brought Mike in for Sales Training last year.  I was skeptical because I have seen a lot of poor trainers.  Mike is one of a kind.  I learned more in four days than perhaps the last four years.
Mike Nelson

Region Sales Manager, Philadelphia at Atlantic Tomorrow's Office

I’ve never known anyone who creates business velocity like Mike Kerrison.  He grabs a business concept and can quickly ferret out the market and magically converts it into revenue.  That is his gift.  He built three companies that way.
Patrick Voelker

Strategic Leadership, New Life Church

Mike Kerrison is a dynamic, motivating and inspiring leader.  The executive programs that he offers are intense sessions that taught me many leadership and collaboration skills.  I left the workshop energized and motivated to be the best I could be both personally and professionally.  I have seen the changes become embedded both in me and my company.  I would recommend the Breakaway Performance Architecture to anyone looking to move to the next level of leadership.
Rejat Relan

Client Engagement Director, Concord

Mike is one of the best speakers and trainers that I have ever worked with.  He is a rarity!
Rich Marek

Owner, Sonrise Productions

As a new CEO I needed to move quickly to re-tool my organization.  Mike’s Strategy Model combined with Breakaway Sales was exactly what I needed to drive the organization forward.
Rob Adams

President & CEO, Bishop-McCann

Mike Kerrison is transformative.  He is talent and energy and sales excellence all wrapped up in one.  Get him involved and he will ignite your company.
Steve Jensen

EVP and Chief Information Security Officer, Scottrade

As a leading IT Managed Services company we were growing, but saw an opportunity to grow faster and more consultatively.  The techniques that used to work in sales no longer do and the demands for sales excellence and a solid strategy are more important than ever before. Mike Kerrison understands this and that is why we turned to Mike and the Breakaway Performance Model. He’s an expert and we depend on his sales training and tools every day!
Peter Kujawa

President, Locknet IT Services

I really enjoyed Mike’s enthusiasm and insight into the modern office approach to sales.   I especially enjoyed his identification of client personality types and his ability to help us interact and guide our customers toward a sale.  Mike understands what the top sales people do to overachieve goals.  His Breakaway Sales School will get you there.
Ed Peach

Sales Director, KDI

Building the Breakaway Sales Performer is far and away the best and most productive training program I’ve been through in my fifteen years in selling. This program keeps on giving.
Anthony Lioce

Sales Representative, The Lioce Group

We use Mike’s Breakaway Strategy and Sales Models in our company.  These models have allowed me to drive my sales force, set a solid plan in motion, acquire and integrate two companies, and get results.  I believe in Mike Kerrison.  He’s been there and he has done it.
Steve Klatt

Owner-President, Advanced Imaging Solutions

We just keep bringing him back.  Our sales force loves his ideas and he keeps them current and motivated.  Same holds true with our management team.  He keeps us on our toes.
Sue Hill

Vice President Marketing, RK Dixon

I have watched Mike double the productivity of many sales teams in less than two years.  His Breakaway 200 % plan works.  He believes that every sales rep has 2x in side of them and he knows how to get all of it.
Tim Allen

Vice President, Project Consulting Group

I have been selling for 30 years.  I figured there wasn’t much left for me to learn about this profession.  Until I met Mike Kerrison.  I can’t believe how much I learned from this guy.  And, he made selling fun again.  I love taking care of my clients.
William Bennett

Senior Sales Executive, Advanced Imaging Solutions

General Mills is a better company having attended the Breakaway Strategy session.  We are getting great results.  Medallion revenue is up 40 % and analytical is having record delivery.  Lab cycle time is 33 % faster due to our re-design.  The partnership between Medallion and Analytical is now solid with real trust.  These investments have paid off.  Thanks to you, Mike and your team for helping us get to the next level.
Heather Larson

VP Innovation, Technology and Quality, General Mills

Koch Brothers runs five very different lines of business on the Breakaway Sales Model and we have done so for over four years.  We love the way it can adapt to all situations.  We’ve found that it focuses our sales reps on the activities necessary to make ( and keep) them successful!
Dutch Koch

CEO, Koch Brothers

The time we shared during the Managed Services training was truly a pleasure. I so appreciated the detailed information you provided, including how we might address the 200% Plan and Identifying Beachheads. You hit the nail on the head with the Customer Buying Behaviors and my team often discusses this at our sales meetings. Thanks again!
Beau Sauder

Sales Manager, KDI

Mike Kerrison’s Breakaway Performance Strategic Planning greatly helped our organization.
Our company had and continues to go through tremendous growth and our small executive staff was overwhelmed with the over 100 plus projects we had identified for ourselves. We just could not prioritize them and none of them were getting completed. It seemed like a daily fire drill.

Mike was referred to us by some trusted friends in our industry. We invited Mike to come in and over a few days he took us through a process which allowed us to identify, prioritize and implement the most important projects.

Today we are still successfully use the tools Mike taught us and would recommend him to anyone needing assistance with their strategic planning.

Jeff Masters

CEO, Laser Options

As CEO of a manufacturing company that acquired and integrated multiple companies, I engaged Mike Kerrison to bring a standardized, proven sales process to the newly formed company.  Mike did a tremendous job facilitating a diverse group of sales people with different levels of experience and varied backgrounds. He got them to focus on “how” they individually and collectively could transform and grow the revenues of the new organization by creating and implementing strategic sales plans. His methodology brings individual accountability to the sales process which drives performance.

I recommend Mike and his process to any organization that wants to increase revenue.

Peter Thompson

Production Print Sales Manager, EO Johnson Business Technologies

I have found the Breakaway program to be an extremely successful tool for team building and getting everyone on the same page.  To this day, we still talk about the effects of the program.  The trust fall, honest conversations, and MSU.  I recently ran into a former client who went through the entire program Mike performed, and he is still talking about it 8 years later.  I highly recommend this program.
Steve Bloom

CEO, Pragmatek

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