Stop Trying to Improve Prospecting.

Reinvent it with Prospecting Rocket.

Step 5: Prospecting Rocket

Not long ago two old friends and professional colleagues sat down to solve a problem faced by each of their clients every day – prospecting isn’t working.

One of these guys, Mike Kerrison, is a world class sales pro. The other, Chris Bintliff, is a digital and conversion marketing expert and founder of Not Really Rocket Science. Together they’ve seen the powerful impact of merging modern digital marketing with breakaway sales performance. The challenge was to take these principles and boil them down to the right concepts, practices, and tools today’s sales rep needs to succeed.

The 5th Secret to Mike’s Breakaway Sales Performance model became Prospecting Rocket, a complete and holistic platform to equip the modern sales pro. It will change the way you do sales.

Modern Skills. Modern Tools. Modern Sales.

Prospecting Rocket is a complete Personal Territory Toolkit, delivering training, practical know-how, essential resources and actionable, tactical steps for the modern sales pro to better understand, be relevant to, and make more sales with the modern customer.
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All the training in the world won’t move the needle an inch without sustainable, lasting support and coaching that meets reps where they are and when they need it. My innovative, powerful Breakaway Sales Digital Schools round out my powerful Breakaway Performance Roadmap – learn how in Part 6: Breakaway Sales Digital Schools.

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