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Breakaway Strategy is a three-day classroom-based business development workshop that leads the executive team, step by step, on how to align around a crystal-clear vision so it can be converted to an executable business plan that delivers healthy sustainable growth for the company.


Putting Power in Your Hands

Three day, comprehensive, hands-on curriculum

Craft Your Success

Precise architecture and set of management tools

Build and Sustain

Define your business vision, create and execute a plan and build a sustainable, well managed organization.

8 Core Development Modules Drive Transformation

Module One: Getting Started – Selecting the Planning Team

Using real client scenarios we will illustrate how planning teams are selected providing the right talent and experience for the planning process. These participants are selected based upon capability and have less to do with rank or authority. The right body of knowledge is the key. You will also learn ways to cycle the right subject matter experts in and out of the meeting as required to get the facts before decisions are made.

Module Two:  Planning Foundation – Where are we today?

Every minute spent planning saves sixty in execution. Although strategic planning may seem a sterile, intellectual, analytical process, it’s not. Strategic planning requires the organization’s intimate and enthusiastic involvement using a knowledgeable, informal team, in providing information, making decisions, setting goals, and successfully implementing them. Vision is exhilarating. Planning is easy. Execution is hard. Without planning however, there is no execution, only chaos. This module sets the foundation for success.

Module Three:  Expected Results – Where do we want to go?

Most companies face a big challenge in getting their people centered on a crystal-clear vision. One of the best ways to bring about this vision is by creating a mission statement. Not just something that you whip together during planning, but one built through input and effort from every level of the organization. It needs to be a living constitution that holds your values and beliefs and acts like a compass, a reminder of where you are going. Once defined, we need to build specific goals and resulting revenue targets that are distributed throughout the organization.

Module Four:  Methodology – How will we get there?

Strategies are the means, ways, and how’s, combined with detailed methods by which you can achieve your goals. Strategy is about being different, engendering formidable competitive advantage. It is no longer just a set of carefully linked activities designed to leverage your core competency. In complicated, fast-moving markets, the opportunity exists for significant growth and wealth. Therefore, the most salient feature of competitive advantage today is not sustainability but managing unpredictability. Together we’ll define your competitive advantage: cost, value, differentiation, price, speed. We’ll think through the external strategy to thwart your competition and win market share and design inside processes to support these activities.

Module Five:  Implementation – Who will do what?

Once your objectives and organizational model have been established we’ll learn to delegate these objectives and the supporting programs to your team. This is called decentralization: the delegation of authority and responsibility down the line in your organization to the point where every decision is made at the lowest possible level, to where the clearest information exists for making it, empowering  the individual responsible with a complete and detailed plan of implementation and achievement. You gain leverage and maximize performance through the sum of thousands of small transactions done every day.

Module Six:  Progress Report – How do we measure the results?

Progress reports that deliver the results of a manager’s effort must be distributed at regular checkpoints up and down the organization, and strong initial control will assert your management prerogatives. Your reporting system is your feeder for this control. Your company is properly controlled – and empowered – when your team is selected and trained; they know what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and what’s expected. They follow company policy and track their progress against accurate reports to spot potential problems early, while there is still time to do something about it.

Module Seven:  Integration – Combine the sales plan with the strategic plan.

To be successful a company must define its sales organization, its functional organization, its resource organization, and its operations organization. Each of these organizations are important, are interdependent, and have different responsibilities. However, profitable revenue growth must be assigned to the sales organization. These assignments are handled differently for each company. Examples are physical territories, national or international regions, industry segments, customer types, assigned prospect listings, one to many business development, existing account growth, or a combination of one or more. In all cases, you must assign specific achievable quotas that can be measured. Together we’ll define the different sales organizations and help you discern the right structure and quota assignments for your company.

Module Eight:  Rollout – A Kick Butt Kickoff Meeting that Inspired the Entire Company

This is your opportunity to create an event that your employees will never forget. The strategic plan is completed. Now you must reveal it to the company and recruit their very best effort.  Leaders today must collectively create a culture of committed, empowered, and motivated leaders. Executive talent is, and should be, the center of any business. It’s the one true vital and sustainable advantage that you have – everything else can be replicated by your competition. This powerful module will help you leverage your leadership to deliver your transformational strategies throughout your organization.

Mike Kerrison gave us a new language to use. Our team has pulled together and we now make decisions with strength and velocity. His Breakaway Executive Programs work and I would deem it mandatory for all executive teams.

Roger King, COO @ EO Johnson

Mike Kerrison is pure inspiration to anyone he works with. He understands how to reshape your thinking so you can be free to reach your fullest potential. I have watched him work miracles with executive teams.

Jane Malin, Executive Consultant @ Bridge Consulting

Mike is an authentic leader and brings his knowledge to you in a way that you can learn and apply. Everything he teaches comes from his own firsthand experience. Above all, his programs get results. I personally enjoy and benefit from every encounter we have together.

Kurt Nelson, President @ The Lantern Group
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