4 Secrets to Making The Sale

What happens when you battle-test your team via a year of intensive sales training? You’ve invested in creating the absolute best of the best. I’m thinking back on my training at IBM directly following university graduation. This training was the equivalency of a triple masters degree in accounting, systems engineering, and computer design. Let’s get into the four breakaway secrets that have laid the foundation for Breakaway Sales School.

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Fear Shuts Everything Down

Fear is real but sometimes imaginary.  In a sales call ... fear will shut down our very best performance.  The source of fear is usually traced to a lack of sales call preparation.  If you're looking for a fabulous downloadable Pre-Call Template go to...

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The Old Prospecting Model Is Dead

The old prospecting model is truly dead.  But, we still need prospects. So what do we do now? Social selling and Digital Marketing is the best way I know today for warming up the territory. Get the word out there with these powerful tools. After that pick up the phone...

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Presentations Need Fabulous Content

All Sales Presentations must have education and entertainment value.  Above all, it must have fabulous and relevant content.  Get the audience engaged quickly.  You present to the audience and facilitate the discussion - together.  That way you have an interactive...

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Know the 4 Buying Behaviors

There are basically four different types of buyer behaviors that you need to understand – the Aggressor, the Analyzer, the Expresser, and the Harmonizer.  A Breakaway Sales Superstar knows how to adjust their style to meet the style of their buyer.  Your job is to get...

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Objections Are Your Friend

Objections are your friend.  It means you’re getting close to the end of the sales cycle.  On the other side of a well handled objection is usually an order.  And they haven’t invented a drug yet that gives you the kind of high that you experience when a prospect says...

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Prepare Your Questions In Advance

Prepare your questions in advance of every sales call.  The questions must fit the context and circumstances and be tailored to the individual you are calling on.  Great questions showcase your skills.  The quality of the question builds trust with the prospect. ...

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Every Call Must Close for Something

Before you make any sales call you must know precisely what you are closing for.  Every call must close for something.  This provides a way to measure your performance.  Did I close for what I wanted, or not? The close is the easiest part of the call, although people...

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Begin with a Great Opening

Every Sales Call must begin with a great opening followed by an impact statement.  But it must be compelling … it has to pass the goose bump test.  You’ve got to get the prospects attention quickly. The opening is simple to master, but its importance is often...

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Knowing is the Enemy of Learning

Knowing is the enemy of learning.  Listening is its friend.  Keep an open mind.  Seek different points of view.  Listen to understand versus listening to formulate your arguments.  These are the secrets for influencing others.  Selling is the art of influence. In a...

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Selling is Like a Bicycle

Selling is like a bicycle.  The back wheel is your product knowledge providing power and propelling you forward.  The front wheel is your relationship skills providing direction taking the prospect where you want to go.  The frame is your territory and time management...

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Turn Your Website Into A Cash Machine

Discover the secrets of Digital Marketing and how to fill your pipeline with prospects 24x7. This blog provides a big picture outline to help you understand the full scope of this digital marketing initiative. Here goes – big...

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