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Become a Breakaway Sales Pro: Explore my on-demand sales training, develop & mentorship to help you and your sales teams crush quota.

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Create the Sales Force That Would Put Yours Out Of Business.

Most small to intermediate growth companies struggle with finding and building an elite sales organization, developing a formidable value proposition, attracting talent, aligning their executive teams, and training their people. I’ve spent my career perfecting sales so I could help companies like yours succeed.

My Six Step Roadmap Creates Breakaway Performance

Step 1: Breakaway Strategy Workshop

Build Executive Alignment

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Step 2: Breakaway Sales Workshop

Involve your sales team and master my Four Secrets

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Step 3: Breakaway Sales Manager Training

Develop sales leadership and master my Six Competencies

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Step 4: Prospecting Rocket

Fill the sales funnel fast by combining Breakaway Performance with Modern Marketing

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Step 5: Ideal Milk Bucket Workshop

Go behind the scenes of building an actual company to learn applications and business processes

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Step 6: Digital Training Tools

The essential on-demand online resources to sustain and protect your investment

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Breakaway Sales Tribe from Mike Kerrison
  • 320+ daily audio expert sales coaching
  • Templates, Worksheets, Checklists & Guides for goal setting, habit forming, call-making and more
  • The mentoring and encouragement you need, every day
Breakaway Sales School from Mike Kerrison
  • Master the secrets to sustainable sales success
  • 50 videos
  • 43 Templates
  • 6 modules
  • Sales instruction at your fingertips
  • Lifetime Access
Breakaway Sales Pro from Mike Kerrison
  • Includes BOTH Breakaway Sales Tribe and Breakaway Sales School
  • Unbeatable Breakaway Performance
  • A sales masterclass and daily coaching in one!
  • Expert instruction + sustainable feedback

Stop Making Sales Success So Hard.

Build a Breakaway Company

Many business technologies companies are operating with 20th century selling models in a 21st century marketplace that’s changing at warp speed. Selling problems exist because todays sales executives and leaders have little or no repeatable, logical, sustainable, and teachable business plan or sales process. My Breakaway Strategy and Sales Training solves this.

Your Business Development Roadmap

Most sales training addresses symptoms, delivering short-term value for short-term results. You need a diagnosis – and a prescription. My Breakaway Performance system is real-world tested with companies and salespeople like yours to deliver real-world results. I’m your coach, consultant, trainer and teacher for logical, predictable, repeatable sales impact. I help you figure out where you are, where you need to go, and how to get there.

Beyond the Classroom

Taking your sales team out of the field for a few days of training is a big investment. My digital learning platforms complement and extend the classroom experience with ongoing daily on-demand coaching and opportunities to revisit key concepts anytime.
The heart of your company beats within its sales force.

Impact & Inspiration

Mike Kerrison is a rarity. Midwest charisma with a sharp business mind blends to drive real business results. When working with executives, he has the unique ability to quickly find order amidst many moving parts; and correctly distills concepts from seemingly random thoughts.

John Hogg, President @ Straightforward Consulting

As a fairly new sales manager I needed a foundation … a plan. Mike and the Breakaway Sales Model provided everything I needed to help build my sales organization. His training is the best I have ever experienced. My sales force continues to prosper using his Structured Sales Cycle.

Bill Berg, Sales Manager @ The Lioce Group

I knew there was something different about the Breakaway Sales Program … different than ones I have used in the past. I have been selling my entire career. During that time, I have attended several sales training programs. In my thirty five years I have never encountered a program that was more professional, more comprehensive, and more applicable to today’s challenges than what Mike Kerrison has delivered to us these past years.

Bryan Dixon, CEO @ RK Dixon

Writings About What Works

The Fool-Proof Formula to Fearlessness

Previously I shared the four big reasons prospects make objections - No trust, no need, no help, no hurry. Today let’s break these concepts down into some real-world how-to, practical application and share some personal experience. Making The Sophisticated Sale...

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4 Secrets to Making The Sale

What happens when you battle-test your team via a year of intensive sales training? You’ve invested in creating the absolute best of the best. I’m thinking back on my training at IBM directly following university graduation. This training was the equivalency of a triple masters degree in accounting, systems engineering, and computer design. Let’s get into the four breakaway secrets that have laid the foundation for Breakaway Sales School.

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Fear Shuts Everything Down

Fear is real but sometimes imaginary.  In a sales call ... fear will shut down our very best performance.  The source of fear is usually traced to a lack of sales call preparation.  If you're looking for a fabulous downloadable Pre-Call Template go to...

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