There are basically four different types of buyer behaviors that you need to understand – the Aggressor, the Analyzer, the Expresser, and the Harmonizer.  A Breakaway Sales Superstar knows how to adjust their style to meet the style of their buyer.  Your job is to get them comfortable making their decision.  Meet them where they are at.  That is called versatility.

Understanding buying behaviors and how they impact your sales call is enormously important if you want to be a professional salesperson. Your ability to influence people and speed the sales process is tied directly to these skills. Is it realistic that after five minutes with a person, you can pigeonhole him or her into one of the four boxes? Of course not! But over a period of two or three calls, particularly in a complex sale where you are selling both high and wide within an organization, meaning you’re calling on executives as well as lower-end managers and across many departments, you will develop a sense about each person. You can now shape your style to fit theirs. That is not to say that you should change your personality, mind you. That would be crazy, if not impossible. What I am talking about is approach and style.  It’s an adaptive behavior. You don’t approach an Aggressive with a smile and a handshake as you do with a Harmonious. He would think you’re being rude and presumptuous. And don’t dive straight into a pile of facts with an Emotive. He wouldn’t listen to them, anyway. He might want to talk about golf or his daughter’s first dance recital. See the difference? Remain who you are, but make sure you adjust to the person you’re selling to. You need every advantage you can get.

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