A quality Executive Alignment Process combined with a proprietary Strategy Model should be designed to help senior executives to maximize company performance and strive to reach their full potential.  This alignment process leads to Healthy Sustainable Growth — the “holy grail” which every organization views as their greatest challenge. The way I see it is Leaders today must skillfully align their management team around a crystal clear vision.  They must build their case for change and they must identify the critical business issues that interfere with the full realization of that vision. They must collectively create a culture of committed, empowered, and motivated leaders. Executive talent is, and should be, the center of any business.  It’s the one true vital and sustainable advantage that you have.  Everything else can be replicated by your competition.  Consequently, most organizations pour their time and energy into a strategic plan and completely ignore a comprehensive executive alignment plan.  We start with alignment.  Then, and only then, can you develop strategy.  The research shows that companies who invest in the development of their executive team outperform their competitors 4 to 1.

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