Discover the secrets of Digital Marketing and how to fill your pipeline with prospects 24×7. This blog provides a big picture outline to help you understand the full scope of this digital marketing initiative. Here goes – big picture number one – Your web site must do three things:

  1. Turn a stranger into a friend and a friend into a customer.
  2. Communicate your story in a way that is brilliant.
  3. Capture, educate, and eventually convert your customer and sustain them for the long haul.

Big picture number two – your web site must cause four things to happen when someone sees it and that’s hopefully when they can actually find it. One, he clicks and goes where you want him to go because it’s easy for him. Two, she clicks and wants to listen and follow up so give here ways to opt in that is stupid easy for her. Three, she clicks and makes a certain request like an appointment, or to buy something, or to download a white paper, or to apply or subscribe, a specific action that she wants to take. And number four she tells a friend about you by clicking or sharing through social media, or blogging, or phoning, or talking, or something but you’re going to be out there. You get spread around fast while you sleep and that’s what we want. Unfortunately, most web sites don’t meet any of these criteria.

Done correctly your web site can become a funnel filling cash machine. There are a few principles needed to pull this off and it’s not that expensive and not that overwhelming. A great web site designer can shrink this strategy so it will be easy for you to implement. This is the most important initiative that you have in front of you. Get a great designer, create an email engine, build a digital marketing content strategy and watch the leads our in! Don’t wait.

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