Fear is real but sometimes imaginary.  In a sales call … fear will shut down our very best performance.  The source of fear is usually traced to a lack of sales call preparation.  If you’re looking for a fabulous downloadable Pre-Call Template go to www.mikekerrison.com and click on the Sales Tribe Tab.  You’ll find it there.  The idea is to prepare for every sales call, rehearse carefully, do your homework, and your fear will fade away.  If you want to know what the four FATAL FEARS are then click below for the blog post.  Fear is manageable!

The four fatal fears/emotions are listed below along with the underlying belief system that feeds that fear:

FEAR                                                              BELIEF
Anger/Guilt                                                     He should, They should, It Should
Worry                                                             What if
Pressure                                                         I have to
Depression                                                     I can’t, I’m not, I don’t

Once we know the source of our fear we can challenge it and overcome it.  This is what a Breakaway Sales Performer knows how to do.  They are Mentally Tough!  They do not allow fear to destroy their dreams!


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