Objections are your friend.  It means you’re getting close to the end of the sales cycle.  On the other side of a well handled objection is usually an order.  And they haven’t invented a drug yet that gives you the kind of high that you experience when a prospect says … yes!

When handling objections, you need to manage your tension.  Don’t judge, but rather listen to understand, clarify, seek agreement, and formulate your response.  It’s really not that hard if you really listen.  Again, the sequence for handling objections is:

  • Suspend your judgement
  • Clarify with great questions
  • Listen to understand
  • Summarize once more
  • Address the objection with another presentation
  • Last trial close
  • Close

Objections spring from four different positions. These positions are central to what lies between where you are and getting the order. And, you must always know where you are in the Structured Sales Cycle. The four major positions are: No Trust, No Need, No Help, and No Hurry.

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