All Sales Presentations must have education and entertainment value.  Above all, it must have fabulous and relevant content.  Get the audience engaged quickly.  You present to the audience and facilitate the discussion – together.  That way you have an interactive session that is lively and engaging.  Now the presentation belongs to everyone in the room.  In short you must be a presentainer!  But, lighten up folks … you’re not doing Hamlet! 

A presentation should be like any sales call. You have control. You’re presenting facts and opinions and issues and ideas to the client but ultimately you’re facilitating a conversation which means that you’re interacting with them and keeping them involved. This is very important for an effective presentation.

Use inflection in your voice. But like any sales call you have to open by making an impact. In other words, give them some immediate insight as to what it is they’re going to be hearing and learning about. Set the stage right out of the gate. That is your objective. Now the body of the presentation is about the content which is associated with what you learned through the discovery or an assessment but you’re bringing something to them that is useful, required and will help them to solve a problem. That’s the whole purpose of the presentation in the first place.

So it has to be highly tailored to your audience which means you better know your material and have studied it. And you better know your audience and how they operate particularly what social style or interpersonal buying behavior they are. Are they aggressors, are they harmonizers? This sort of thing. So know your audience.

But remember to be memorable!

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