Are you ready to make this year the best sales year of your life?  To crush Your Quota?  To hit 200 % every year?  Because if you are, then you’ve come to the right place.  You’ve found the world’s most powerful and proven program for driving Breakaway Performance, crushing your sales quota, and achieving a lifetime of financial freedom!

Let’s be honest. Hitting quotas can be stressful. We set our annual targets, we have great intentions, but sooner or later we get distracted, discouraged, and eventually we fall behind. If you’re serious about never missing sales quotas again, you need a radically different approach…and that’s what the Breakaway Sales Tribe was designed to deliver.

If you’re a Breakaway Sales School Member you are going to absolutely love the Tribe! This program will enhance and sustain everything that you have been learning. And, if you are a New Member…Welcome Aboard! We are going to teach you the 200% plan and motivate and challenge you every single day to double your sales.

First, we double your quota, and then we design a laser focus plan for achieving it.

Are you ready! Then read on …

Here’s how we do this

We have designed for you a four phase program providing the daily rocket fuel needed to hit 200% of quota.




Planning for quota is not enough. We first double it and place the numbers into four quarters. So in Q 1 we set our 2X goals, create the plan, identify and remove obstacles, deploy superior execution, form all new working habits, and drive massive results…every day.



We build a sense of urgency and personal accountability. The Breakaway Performance Tribe is an extreme, hard core, goal setting Community of high achievers designed to unleash your untapped potential. We hold each other accountable every day to our very best selves.



Now we gotta push hard.  We must hit a minimum of 100 % of quota by your Third Quarter.  You must believe in yourself and eliminate the words “I can’t.” Yes, you can, you just have to decide.  We will show you how to get more done in 90 days than most reps get done in a year.



Now we finish strong and make this the best year ever … a 200% year! You must strive for a big finish every day and if you do, you will dramatically increase your income, take control of your life, find solutions to problems, lower your stress, increase your joy, and do it every day.

Remember … you either can or you can’t do something and you get to be right. I say you can!

Mike Kerrison

Mike Kerrison's Breakaway Sales Tribe

Tribe members at annual retreat

Here’s what you get


Every day at 12:01 am you will receive in your inbox a daily audio cast from me with coaching, mentoring, instruction, and motivation to help you focus on your goals, build new skills and habits, improve results, and get the life you want.


You will have access to templates and forms to assist with territory planning, goal setting, daily action, call preparation, monitoring, measuring, and course correction.

Download the Annual Sales Planner

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Download the Pre-call Worksheet

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You will have access to the Breakaway Sales Tribe Forum … your community of super stars gathered to share their experience, skill, challenges, and what they are doing to overcome them.


You will receive a bonus audio cast every Sunday night to help you get ready for a great week.


You will have access to Mike’s monthly coaching teleseminar.  These 40 minute calls are used to stop, reflect, review, and adjust your plans and maximize performance.  Each coaching session will carry a specific topic such as overcoming fear, the power of deadlines, listening to understand, and eliminating procrastination.  These calls are recorded and kept in a Vault so you can review them any time you want.  They will be held the first Wednesday of every month at 1:00 pm CST.  A calendar and dial info is provided.


You will receive an exclusive invitation to attend our annual Breakaway Sales Performance Retreat.   A gathering of the finest sales people in the world to share leading edge sales practices and tools to support your sales career.  You will hear from the best sales thought leaders on the planet.  Attendance is held to the first 100 registrants.  Group discounts are made available.  You don’t want to miss this.

Mike Kerrison's Breakaway Sales Tribe

Breakaway Tribe Pledge

“As a Breakaway Sales Tribe Member I will pledge to participate fully, contribute unselfishly, behave honorably, and support my fellow Tribe Members.  I will not use the Tribe to sell products or services or as a recruiting device.  I will take full responsibility for my own personal development and I will strive to be a Breakaway Performer each and every day!”

Monthly Membership

The daily time commitment is at best 15 minutes. You can opt out at any time … no long term agreements. You will receive value every day! Simply send us an email request to discontinue your membership and your payments will stop the following month. No obligation beyond that.

EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT:  If you or your team are already a member of the Breakaway Sales School the above payments are reduced by 30%!

Corporate Discounts

If you own a company or manage a team, we are happy to provide discount bundles.  Contact us at and we’ll deliver personal attention to suit your needs.

Enrollment Period

Enrollment for the Breakaway Performance Tribe takes place four times per year – in January, April, July, and October.  We will notify you in advance for enrollment (usually a thirty-day window).

Have Questions?

If you have questions, then by all means send us an email at Or check out the FAQ’s below:

Mike, should I wait until the beginning of a new business year to start the program? That way I can match the quarters to the phases.

You certainly can, but why wait.  This program meets you right where you are any time of year.  The learning process is seamless and is not time dependent on syncing with a calendar.  So sign up today and begin accruing the benefits.

Do I really want to share my secrets with the Tribe? They could be my competitors.

I understand.  But, Breakaway Performers usually don’t worry about their competition.  They focus on themselves and how to get better every day.  Go back and read the Breakaway Tribe Pledge.  We’re all in this together.  We’re professionals.  Furthermore, if you are competing with a Tribe member, don’t you want to know what they’re learning?  Finally, the Tribe is a private membership and you do not have to reveal your identity, unless you want to.

I’m always on the run. Is the program mobile and easy to access and use? Convenience is important to me.

Yes. It runs on all mobile platforms and devices. Plug in your headphones and take 10 minutes to learn today’s lesson. Check out this sample:

(chris will embed sample here)

You mention that I will receive tools and PDF’s. Are these the same things I will get in Breakaway Sales School? How do I find them?

Essentially no.  Breakaway Sales School has gobs of tools and support.  It’s an amazing course and you will have it for a lifetime.  But the Tribe tools are built for daily fast action.  The philosophy is exactly the same as Breakaway Sales but the way we deliver the Tribe is different.  The Tribe is designed to advance and sustain everything you have learned in Breakaway Sales School.  But, one is not a pre-requisite for the other.  They stand alone.

If I don’t like the Tribe do I get my money back?

No.  Unlike the other programs, the Tribe does not have a guarantee.  But, you also have very little exposure.  After your $39 investment, if you’re not happy, you can stop after 30 days.  No long term agreements.  I earn your trust and loyalty by performing every single day.

How is the Tribe different from other forums? There are lots of sales groups on Linked-In or even Facebook that have similar offerings. Why would I pay for the Tribe when I can have the others for free?

Yes, there are a quite a few free forums out there.  In fact, I follow a couple.  But, they are not similar.  The Tribe is not a CHAT ROOM!  The Tribe is YOUR exclusive community designed around the four secrets of the Breakaway Sales Performer.  This program is comprehensive and every day unleashes your potential with unique training that is unsurpassed anywhere.

If I join the Tribe will I get a discount if I sign up for Breakaway Sales School?

No.  But you do get a 30 % discount for the Tribe if you become a Breakaway Sales Student.  We highly recommend both programs to speed up your personal development.  And remember, you get a 100 % money back guarantee with Breakaway Sales School. So again, what’s the risk?

Learn more about Breakaway Sales School.

Will the Tribe work for people who are not in sales?

You bet it does.  Many of the principles are universal.  Improving relationships, listening skills, time and organizational skills, coping with interruptions, and staying mentally tough are areas that we all need help with.  So again, if you are not in sales jump in with us for 60 days and try us out.  It will cost you about a dollar a day.  You spend more at Starbuck’s.

tribe2Join over 10,000 graduates who have achieved enormous success from all of Mike’s Breakaway Performance Programs!  So what are you waiting for?

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